Mike Faltesek

Described as “embodying jazz”, Falty’s main objective is to spread the love of good old fashioned, American born, swing music and dancing to as many people as he possibly can. He travels the world, teaching and performing swing and tap dancing as well leading and accompanying some of the world’s swingingest musicians.

Falty has been dancing for well over 18 years, in that time he has traveled to instruct, compete, and perform all over the globe, from Harlem to Los Angeles, Canada to Korea, and all throughout Europe. Falty is well known for his charismatic personality, approach-ability and passion for the essence of authentic jazz dance and music. He possesses an enthusiastic ability to convey ideas and movements explicitly, making him a popular instructor wherever he goes. He has taught hundreds of workshops here and abroad, each time leaving a lasting impression on his students.

Falty brings to the dance floor an incredibly diverse social and performance dance talent that includes not only Lindy Hop but also Cakewalk, Black Bottom, Traditional Jazz, Tap, Charleston, Breakaway, Balboa, Big Apple, Blues and many other Authentic American Jazz dances. So basically all of the swing dancing.