Dax Hock

Dax delivers a unique method of instruction that revolves around authentic swing music, natural body movement, and variations that work with minimal effort, and fun over frustration. Emphasis is heavily placed on Rhythm–not steps; Body-Movement–not footwork; Singing–not counting, and dancing as one versus isolating and holding hands with you partner. During lessons you will discover that just footwork is more like Foot-’Dont’-Work and that Body-Movement is the key to great dancing. Students will be taught movements versus single variations and string them together to make killer social dancing combinations.

Dax urge’s students to discover creativity, rhythm, great concepts such as; “Rhythmical Body-Movement”,”Anything you do once you can do twice”, “Connecting to your body to itself”, “Body-Matching”, “Body Tension Styles”, “How do you lead it?–DO IT!” and much more. Enjoy a fun and educational learning environment with customized material to meet the students needs.