All-Star Mix & Match

The All-Star Mix & Match is specifically tailored to competitors that regularly place in regional Lindy Hop competitions. This division is not intended for those new to competition. Partners will be randomly drawn. Finalists will be randomly paired and will dance to the Jonathan Stout Orchestra!


  • All skate heats, 3 songs each heat.
  • 6 leaders and 6 followers will advance to the next round. 2 alternate leaders and 2 alternate followers will also be chosen in the event of final round no-shows.
  • Music will be provided by DJ.
  • 3 Tempos: 170 – 190 – 210 BPM
  • The top 6 leaders & 6 followers will be randomly paired ahead of time and judged together.
  • Couples will dance to 3 songs; 1 All skate warm up, 1 spotlight song, and 1 final all skate.
  • Each spotlight will be 2 choruses (16-8s x2).
  • Tempo: 170 BPM
  • This round will be danced to live music.