Amateur Lindy Hop Battle

New to 2017, The Amateur Lindy Hop Battle! Want to work with a partner and compete for the glory of Lindy Hop but aren’t ready for the big show quite yet? Well then this is the perfect contest for you. Contestants must not have made the semi-finals or finals of our Lindy Hop Tournament or the finals of any major contest. If you have questions feel free to contact us for more information. Think of this as a step towards your goal to Lindy Hop achievement!


Round 1 – Prelims:
  • All Skate heats, 3 songs each heat.
  • Music will be provided by DJ.
  • 3 Tempos: 170 – 190 – 210 BPM
  • 8 couples will advance to the next round. 2 alternate couples will also be chosen in the event of final round no-shows.
Round 2 – Finals:
  • The top 8 couples will compete in a phrase battle format. Couples will get 1 song all skate warm up. Then they will have to throw down in the phrase battle.Each couple will get 2 turns to shine in the middle of the floor. The first out will be a chorus, 16-8s or 32 bars of music. The second time out will be shorter, 8-8s or 16 bars of music. After everyone has finished their shines then couples will dance all together in a final all skate until the music stops.
  • This round will be danced to live music.
  • All Skate Tempo: 170 BPM
  • Phrase Battle Tempo: 210 BPM
*Due to the nature of live music, tempos in the final round might vary from our above description.*