Amateur Jack & Jill

If you are new to competition or do not regularly place in regional Lindy Hop competitions, this is the contest offers you the traditional Jack and Jill experience with a twist. Finalists will be randomly paired with a professional dancer!


  • All skate heats, 3 songs each heat.
  • 6 leaders and 6 followers will advance to the next round. 2 alternate leaders and 2 alternate followers will also be chosen in the event of final round no-shows.
  • Music will be provided by DJ.
  • 3 Tempo: 170 – 150 – 180 BPM
  • The top 6 Leaders & 6 Followers will be paired with a teacher.
  • There will be 4 all skate heats with 3 couples in each heat.
  • Each heat will dance one song for 1:30.
  • Tempo: 160 BPM
  • Music will be provided by DJ.