All-Star Jack & Jill

The All-Star Jack & Jill is specifically tailored to competitors that regularly place in regional Lindy Hop competitions. This division is not intended for those new to competition.


  • All skate heats, 3 songs each heat.
  • Judges will choose 6 leaders and 6 followers to advance to the next round. 2 alternate leader and 2 alternate follower selections will also be made in the event of final round no-shows.
  • Music will be provided by DJ.
  • Tempos: 1st song 190 BPM
    2nd song 210 BPM
    3rd song 220 BPM
  • Leaders & followers will be randomly paired and dance to 3 songs; 1 All skate warm up, 1 slow, and 1 fast.
  • The slow & fast songs will be danced in jam format with each couple going 2 times through during each song.
  • 1st time through you will dance Solo with your partner (No touching!).
  • 2nd time through you will be able to dance connected to your partner.
  • This round will be danced to live music.
  • Tempos: All Skate at 150 BPM.
    Tempos: Slow at 80 BPM.
    Tempos: Fast at 240 BPM.