Workshops at Inspiration Weekend are geared toward four topics of focus: social dancing, performance and competitive dancing, how to teach Swing dancing in an engaging and effective manner, and Jazz music and theory.

Pick the area of interest that suits you. You can even dabble in the other tracks if you like and if classroom size allows.

Social Dancer’s Track

This track is for people who already go social dancing but would like to improve their connection, playfulness, and vocabulary. This track is friendly to dancers that are beginner level or above.

Featured instructors for the Social Dancer’s Track:

Nikki MarvinNikki Marvin
Todd YanaconneTodd Yannacone

Competition & Show Track

This track is for people who regularly perform or compete at Lindy Hop contests, or for higher level social dancers that would like to start performing and competing right away. Beginners should not register for this workshop track. If you are not interested in competing this weekend you should take the social dancer’s track instead.

Featured instructors for the Competition & Show Track:

Naomi UyamaNaomi Uyama
Peter Strom

Invitational Track

Details coming soon!

Featured instructors for the Invitational Track:

Laura KeatLaura Keat
Nick WilliamsNick Williams

Stay tuned for details on when you can register for Inspiration Weekend 2018!