Our Goal For IW

We at Inspiration Weekend love Swing dancing. Whether we’re doing the Lindy Hop, keeping it calm with Balboa, kicking it with Charleston, and even slowing it down to Blues, there is a certain spark that is ignited every time we dance. The joy and excitement that comes from 2 people dancing on the floor in perfect harmony to the sweet sounds of Jazz music is almost unrivaled in our lives.

Besides actually dancing, we get another high by sharing the knowledge of these American dances with others. Our wish is that the classes at Inspiration Weekend elevate your senses and help you feel a deep connection every time you go out social dancing. So we bring you a number amazingly talented, swing dance, instructors from around the world to help ignite that spark in you.

Nikki Marvin, James Bianco, Mikey Pedroza, and Shesha Marvin
Nikki Marvin, James Bianco, Mikey Pedroza, and Shesha Marvin

To those already caught by the bug of Lindy Hop that are looking to improve their dancing, we offer you competitions to excel at your dancing in a low-key, yet competitive atmosphere. These contests are designed to help drive you in becoming a better dancer by seeing how well you can dance and perform in the moment. Show us what you’ve really got by putting it all out on the dance floor!

In our hearts, Jazz music, as played by Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Chick Webb, Artie Shaw, Jonathan Stout, and countless others, is still king! Why not learn to play it in the Musicians Track to see why the music can move you so well.

Ultimately, we want you to be inspired by the dance, be it for the first time or a revival of the passion you hold for it. This next Inspiration Weekend, get stoked on your Lindy Hop!

-Shesha Marvin, Nikki Marvin, Mikey Pedroza, James Bianco