Michael Gamble

Michael Gamble is a principal organizer of Lindy Focus and leader of the Rhythm Serenaders. He also plays with the Low-Down Sires, Russ Wilson’s Famous Orchestra, and countless other early jazz and swing projects in and around Asheville, NC USA. When the opportunity arises, Michael is honored to occasionally play with Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, Falty and the Defects, and with other artists who live in this strange and wonderful intersection of the music and the dance. Michael has performed at Nevermore Jazz Ball, Stompology, ILHC, Swingout New Hampshire, Lindy Focus, Inspiration Weekend, Lindy on the Rocks, Slow Dance Soiree, Bal-ast Off, Music City Shuffle, All Balboa Weekend, Empire City Swing, and countless other workshops and exchanges in the last few years. In 2006 Michael received his undergraduate degree in Jazz Studies with a focus on arranging, composition, and jazz piano performance. He has taught at Welbourne Jazz Camp, and has helped shape the live music and music education programs at Lindy Focus in different ways for the past 15 years. Originally a total music theory geek, he has since sought to find the balance between the analytical and intuitive approaches to learning music, both of which he believes are needed. Michael loves the process of learning about and studying jazz as much as he loves playing it, and looks forward to sharing that passion with students of all levels!