Inspiration Weekend 2013 Contests

Lindy Hop Tournament

Prelims: Friday Night, 11pm at Fullerton Dancesport
Semi-Finals: Saturday Night, 9:45pm at the Fullerton Dancesport
Finals: Sunday Night, 9:45pm at the Fullerton Dancesport

Enjoy this new-ish Lindy Hop contest format to showcase throw-down swing outs and every trick in the book.


Round 1 is an all skate. Judges pick the top 8 to go to Semi-Finals.
Semi’s are a side by side jam format where you are judged only against the other couple dancing across from you. You will dance to live music. The 4 winners move on to the finals.
Competitors in the finals will take turns dancing phrases to live music. The 2 winning couples move on to the last battle. Winner take all.

24 Hour Jack and Jill

Meeting: Saturday Night, 7:30pm at the Woman’s Club of Orange
Prelims: Saturday Night, 8pm at the Woman’s Club of Orange
Finals: Sunday Night, 8:30pm at the Woman’s Club of Orange

Classic, random partner dance contest, with a twist. You’ll get 3 partners to dance with and show everybody what you can do on the social dance floor. Finalists will be randomly paired with a partner and get 24 hours to collaborate before the contest final! Contest is limited to 60 Jacks and 60 Jills.

30 Second Showcase

When: Saturday Night, 10:45pm at the Woman’s Club of Orange

In an attempt to make serious competition more accessible to social dancers we are hosting The 30 Second Showcase. A showcase competition is when a couple performs a routine to a song of their choice. So find a partner and create a jammin’ 30 – 45 second routine of your favorite lindy hop. You will find that it goes very quickly. You will showcase it in front of everyone at the dance! You can either edit your music or plan a fade at 30 – 45 seconds. Email your music to by 5pm Saturday March 2nd, 2013.

Apple Jacks to Apple Jacks Solo Jazz

When: Friday Late Night, 12:30am at ATOMIC Ballroom

Compare the style and timing of your jazz steps directly with other competitors as the announcer calls the steps in our easy prelim round.

Possible called steps are: Apple Jacks, Suzy Q, Shorty George, Boogie Back, Boogie Forward, Drop Boogie, Low Downs, Sits (aka fish tails), fall off the log, staggers / drunken sailor, break a leg, jump charleston, spank the baby, knee slaps, or tackie annies.

Finals are jam format.

Free to enter, registration not required.

Pro-Am Jack and Jill

When: Sunday Afternoon, 4:30pm at the Woman’s Club of Orange

Just like it sounds, it’s a Jack and Jill contest where we will pair up amateurs with Professional level competitors. You sign up yourself and we will take care of inviting the pros to dance with you and bring you up! You will dance in spotlights. Great fun! Last year we sold out!  Only the Amateur is judged and the Pro’s may dance more than once.

Blues Battle

When: Saturday Late Night, 1:30am at ATOMIC Ballroom

Grab your partner and show us what happens when the lights go down low. Prelims with finals to follow immediately after.

Free to enter, registration not required.

“Make Frankie Proud” Trick Contest

When: Sunday Night, 10:45pm at the Woman’s Club of Orange

We replaced Team Battle with the “Make Frankie Proud” Trick Contest on Sunday Night.

  • This is a 4 “eight count” phrase battle where you and your partner will dance in, do a trick, and dance out.
  • You will be judged on the timing in and out of the trick more than the trick it self. You will get 3 outs.
  • It’s free with a $100 cash prize for 1st place.
  • You no longer will represent a team, so compete only as a couple.
  • Help the organizers out by letting us know you plan to do it. We will pencil you in. Email